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Cold War 
and Reunification


Start your day with a short drive into downtown Rostock, where you'll pass by several concrete block buildings from the 1960s and be introduced to the typical architecture of the former German Democratic Republic. Once we get to Rostock, you'll be guided through the famous Stasi prison and even peek inside a real prison cell! The Stasi was the former East German Secret Service run by the Communists. The Stasi actually took over the East Berlin prison that was run by the Nazi government during World War II.

We'll then continue onto the Technical Museum in Putnitz, a small town in eastern Germany near Rostock. See their impressive exhibit filled with authentic Communist vehicles on display in three different hangars. Your guide will show you old “Tschaikas” (limousines of the former Russian government) and “Trabis” (popular car during the times of the GDR; see photo).

You will then watch a unique demonstration of an S-IL 135, which is an incredible mobile missile launching vehicle!

On your way back to the pier, you'll have the opportunity to chat some more with your guide about the Cold War and ask any questions!

Design Tour

After getting picked up at the cruise pier, we'll head out to the Arabia-Iittala factory outlet and see lots of modern, beautiful Finnish design. Your guide will also explain how this unique design is made. We'll make sure to visit the museum and factory shop.

Next off, we'll break for lunch. Your table will be ready and waiting for you at the Kamp Cafe without having any delay in getting seated.

Then guide will meet you at the restaurant for a nice walking tour of the nearby design district, including a visit to the Design Museum, which has more than 35,000 objects that represent the best of 20th and 21st-century Finnish design.

During your walking tour, your guide will tell you about Finnish design and show you the absolute best shops for home accessories, accent pieces, clothes, and jewelry. If you wish, you'll also be able to peek into a couple of art galleries on the way.

Evening Stroll
Through the Streets
of St. Petersburg


One experience that is often missed when traveling by ship is an evening stroll down the main and side streets of a city. There is no better way to understand the lifestyle of a local than to have this opportunity. As dusk falls and the neon lights appear, there is always a magic that overtakes a town. St. Petersburg is no different and this twilight walk along the avenues of the city will give you a new view of St. Petersburg, as well as its locals.

You will have a little time after your day of touring to freshen up and eat some dinner before we pick you up again at the pier. Your drive will be short, and you and your guide will be dropped off at the Admiralty, which is the start of the avenue called Nevsky Prospect. You will have a nicely paced walk through Admiralty Park and onto the Palace Square. The sun will be perfect for photos as you walk through the Arch of the General Staff of the Army and reach the beginning of Nevsky Prospect, the famous avenue in St. Petersburg.

As you walk along, you'll pass the shops and view the window displays. You will have a chance to visit some of the stores and plenty of opportunities to snap some pictures.

Some of the famous buildings you will pass may have been included in an earlier tour, but now you will have some time to absorb the exterior and the setting. Merchants Yard, Spilt Blood Church, and Kazan Cathedral are all so wonderful to see. An inside visit to the Passage will give you about 30 minutes for some shopping. A quiet walk through Small Garden Street, a pedestrian area with numerous shops, a small fountain, and some funny monuments and cafes give you the understanding of public space in a neighborhood setting.