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The Adventure

Winter Places

Caribbean and Bahamas


In a word: warmth. If you need a second: sunlight. Months of gray, cold days get tiresome but the Caribbean and Bahamas offer the perfect antidote. Forget all about snow and sleet as you snorkel past bright fish or steer your 4X4 over sand dunes in the bright sun. Multiple itineraries of varying lengths are available, so you can take as few or as many days as you want.

Middle East 


Some cruise destinations are just too hot to visit in the summer. The Middle East is one such region, with average temperatures in Dubai in July hovering near 105 degrees. And while the height of the Mideast cruise season is in late fall (mostly November), cruisers can still find plenty of sailings from December through March visiting ports in Oman, Qatar, and the United Arab Emirates. The Nile River cruising season is also at its peak in the winter.

South East Asia


Like the Middle East, Southeast Asia is hot, humid and downright uncomfortable to visit in the summer. Cruise lines know this and time many of their sailings in the region for the late fall and winter months. Both ocean and river cruises spend time during the winter in Southeast Asia visiting Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore and others.